Accept Blockchain payments instore and receive your payment in Crypto or Fiat currency.

Wallex | PAY cryptocurrency merchant payment gateway
offers the best service for you and your users

Instant Transaction

All customer's cryptocurrency purchases are instantly processed and credited on your wallet balance.

Secure transaction

Operations are controlled by smart contracts technology in which all obligations are enforced automatically; therefore, finalizing all sales, payments, transactions and eliminating any possibility of fraud.

Fiat and Crypto Wallet Security

The protection of client data and stability of our systems is our direction and foremost priority of our company. As such, our proprietary portfolio management system and solid banking partnerships guarantee permanent protection of your funds.

Easy and instant.

Track and manage all transactions, exchanges and withdrawals from your account dashboard.

No price fluctuation

Automatic or manual crypto-fiat exchange; avoiding any risk of adverse price fluctuation.

Your money in your local currency

Your money, your bank account, your choice of currency

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Wallex | PAY is a payment gateway
for blockchain payments

Wallex|PAY is the solution for all activities that
want to accept cryptocurrencies in their online store
without fees and without installation costs.

✓ No set-up fees, no rolling reserve
✓ Crypto and Fiat Payout
✓ Free merchant support
✓ Quick & easy integration
✓ 100% merchant protection
✓ Save 2% – 5% per transaction

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No set-up fees, no rolling reserves

 Pay per transaction

 Quick & easy integration

Payment Gateway


Free merchant support

 Crypto and Fiat Payout

100% merchant protection